Web Interface
Evronex provides a web interface for the following purposes:
  • Checking Evronex status and moves
  • Interacting with Evronex
  • Configure Evronex

Protect your web interface

Using an authentication password

You can set a password to protect your web interface. This way you can secure the access to your Evronex when hosting it on a cloud or just add a security layer to your setup.
By default no password is required.
You can activate the password authentication from the web interface configuration, it is also where you can set and change your password.
Any IP will be automatically blocked after 10 authentication failures in a row. IPs will remain blocked until your Evronex restarts. If you accidentally block your IP, you can just restart your Evronex.

How to set it up ?

  • Go to "Accounts" page
  • Select "Interfaces" on the left menu
  • Click on "********" next to "Password: "
  • Override the "****" with your password
  • Click on validate
  • Click on "SAVE AND RESTART" red button on the left menu
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Protect your web interface
Using an authentication password
How to set it up ?