Profile Configuration


Default profiles can't be edited, you can duplicate them to be able to customize them. On default profiles strategy and trading mode description are displayed instead of selectors to customize the profile.

Specific evaluator configuration

Some evaluators and trading modes can be configured.


Evronex will trade all the cryptocurrencies listed in its configuration. To tell which cryptocurrencies to trade, add the currency in the profile section
In order to keep Evronex working at its full potential, we recommend to trade between 1 and 5 different assets not to use more than 10 to 15 different assets at the same time, depending on the size of your available funds.


Evronex can process two types of trading:
  • Real trading using your exchanges' portfolio.
  • Simulated trading using any imaginary portfolio.


The Reference-market parameter defines which currency Evronex should use as a reference, this reference is used to compute profitability and the portfolio total value

Risk parameter

Any type of trading has its risk parameter. It is a parameter defining the behavior of the trader, similarly to a real human trader.
The Risk parameter defines the behaviour of Evronex in an optimism manner.
It is a value between 0 and 1:
  • A low risk (closer to 0) will make Evronex a very safe trader with few bold moves and mostly small trades. A 0 risk bot is very pessimistic (regarding its orders creation) and does not expect big market moves.
  • A high risk (closer to 1) will make Evronex a very active and heavy trader. A 1 risk bot is very optimistic (regarding its orders creation) and is expecting significant market moves.

Trader simulator

Additionally to the real trading system, a trading simulator is available in Evronex.