Integration with exchanges
Go to binance.com / binance.us / binance.your_region
  1. 1.
    First, open an account and verify it.
  2. 2.
    On the top menu click on profile logo and click on API Management like below :
3. In API Management click on "Create API"
4. Copy API Key and API Secret and keep it safe. ( NOTE: Do not check on Enable withdraw for your security )
5. Open robot panel -> in Accounts open Exchanges tab
6. Select your exchange (Binance) and Add the API key and API Secret.
Note that some of the exchanges need also API passwords.
7. then check Enabled on the right side and Save and Restart it.
8. After that open the Profil tab and uncheck simulator mode and check the trader part enabled. And also reference market on USDT and risk on 0.5 . after all actions, you need to save and restart.
9.Final part is to check if you have any errors in integration you can see on the event logs page.
10.If you have any alert (highlighted with red background in logs) the bot won't work properly and you should solve in order to error's content. Many of these errors are about exchange connection errors and you should solve them on your exchange account.
NOTE warnings do not interfere with the robot's performance, they only improve the working process of the ligament
Do not run the bot before solving all alerts on event logs!
Finally, you can see your portfolio loaded well in the Portfolio tab.
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